Saturday, 30 June 2012

FOUND: Free Membership for every "Club Penguin" player!

Club Penguin is running a promotion on a German gaming site (since Club Penguin now has German servers) and they are giving away free seven day memberships!

Getting the free membership code is easy yet confusing. Here's how:

Go to this site: Click the green play button.

Let the box load and you will see this screen. Here you will be creating an account for the German game site that you're on.

Use the box on the left to create an account. I have translated it:

*The Username/Email/Password have nothing to do with you Club Penguin account! You are creating an account for the site you are on which is (The email and passwords can be random!)*

Click "register". Then accept the Terms.


Copy the membership code then go to Fill the form with whatever penguin you want and enter membership code to activate it!

You are now a member for seven days, free!

More information:
  • This is not breaking any Club Penguin rules. Club Penguin was promoting their game on that site for German users, but now more people have found out about it.
  • This is a 7 day membership, but you can create more codes and save them for when your membership expires, you can just enter the unused ones!
  • You might have to clear your cookies if the German site is not letting you create more codes.
  • Club Penguin will most likely remove this, so create and save your codes now!
SO COOL RIGHT? Have you gotten your free membership?